What Past Attendees Are Saying

"HealthTAC combined vendor connections with much-needed industry education. I loved the format of ‘speed-meetings,’ and the broad base of vendors ensured that I met with several companies that I am interested in doing business with in the future. The best way to do a conference of this type!"

– Tammy DeCaro
Executive Director, Barrington Terrace of Naples

"The discussion panels were relevant, lively, entertaining and incredibly informative. The mixers were the perfect venue to meet colleagues, make connections and have conversations in a comfortable, relaxed setting. I’m confident the education received and professional connections made will be beneficial for years to come!"

– Shannon J. Alvey
Executive Director, Dominion Senior Living of Athens

"I learn so much each time. The networking opportunities are endless (face-to-face meetings). Everything about the HealthTAC conference is outstanding, from the educational panel discussion, off-site tours and, of course, the meals."

– Ian Reynolds
Director of Operational Support, LV Senior Living

"We are all very busy; however, the time I took to participate in this year’s HealthTAC event was time well spent. It’s an organized, professional and a well thought-out event offering great contacts and networking opportunities."

– David Negri
SVP of Purchasing, Solaris Foundation

"I felt that no time was wasted, and that many relationships were made that will last for a long time to come. HealthTAC is a first-class operation. The moderated educational sessions were point on, covering hot topics in the industry with a lot of different views discussed."

– Richard Armstrong
Director of Facility Services and Capital Projects, Maranatha Village

"HealthTAC did it right. Finally, a conference right-sized for relationship building and a format that really works. I highly recommend."

– David Kirkland
Principal, Principal, Anthem Lakes

"I thought HealthTAC was wonderful, and I like the speed dating concept. My meetings with vendors were great. They were actively people I would buy from. The intermingling and who I've met has been wonderful. The contacts I made with vendors I can use and build upon that. It's all about building relationships."

– Erica Zitron
Project Designer, Senior Lifestyle

"HealthTAC brought all of the industry's leading vendors from all over the world to meet with me personally. I highly recommend!"

– Mark Maxfield
President & Chief Executive Officer, Cottages LLC

“The vendors are great, especially as things are moving to such high end in nursing homes. I wish I had known about some of these products when we were building our first two facilities. But there will be more.”

– Dr. Sapna Dhawan
President, The Lantern Group

“HealthTAC was amazing. The manufacturers showed me things I didn’t know about, and I always like to learn about something new and innovative in the industry. ”

– Alicia Jones
President/Principal, West End Interiors

“This was real relationship building like I have never experienced before. I can’t remember when I took two days out of my schedule of running my business – it was well worth it!”

– Gerry Stryker
CEO, John Knox Village