What Past Attendees Are Saying

"I thought HealthTAC was wonderful, and I like the speed dating concept. My meetings with vendors were great. They were actively people I would buy from. The intermingling and who I've met has been wonderful. The contacts I made with vendors I can use and build upon that. It's all about building relationships."

– Erica Zitron
Project Designer, Senior Lifestyle

"HealthTAC brought all of the industry's leading vendors from all over the world to meet with me personally. I highly recommend!"

– Mark Maxfield
President & Chief Executive Officer, Cottages LLC

“The vendors are great, especially as things are moving to such high end in nursing homes. I wish I had known about some of these products when we were building our first two facilities. But there will be more.”

– Dr. Sapna Dhawan
President, The Lantern Group

“HealthTAC was amazing. The manufacturers showed me things I didn’t know about, and I always like to learn about something new and innovative in the industry. ”

– Alicia Jones
President/Principal, West End Interiors

“This was real relationship building like I have never experienced before. I can’t remember when I took two days out of my schedule of running my business – it was well worth it!”

– Gerry Stryker
CEO, John Knox Village